Photography, Sculptures and things in between...

I work in the media of photography and sculptures, but I don't call myself exclusively a photographer or sculptor. By fusing those two expressions directly or indirectly I make art that exists in between them. You will see samples of my work below, and I will keep updating this blog whenever I have a chance, uploading images of my work as well as of others I find interesting.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Free Kirigami Turkey!

My publisher Lark Books uploaded a kirigami Turkey I recently designed for Thanksgiving along with my interview on their craft website. Here is the link. You can download the template of my turkey for free, color it any way you like and make your own unique bird to decorate your dinner table.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Peepshow #8

Here is a quick snapshot of my new piece Peepshow #8. It is the smallest box I have ever designed: 17"x 14"x14". I also made it as light as possible by using thinner wood panels and adding extra support mterials around the corners. As far as the mechanism goes, this is probably the most well-designed of all the Peepshow pieces. It uses 4 gears and 1 cam to produce 2 movements generated by 1 electric motor.
I haven't documented the interior view of this piece yet. I will upload it when I have a chance.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Peepshow #5 in action

This was the first piece that moved my kinetic sculptures into a slightly different direction than I had initially envisioned. I started to enjoy so much freedom when working on this kind of work. I also felt that I was going back to the kind of things I had been interested in many years back when I was younger and it just felt "right" to work on this sculpture. The movement of the arm is a little clumsy, but I am happy about the overall design of this room.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Peepshow #6 in action

Here is the video of Peepshow #6 in action. I dedicated this sculpture to 2 of my pets who passed away that year. I was thinking about some invisible force that sometimes affects our lives in an unexpected way, and when you look back later, you can almost feel its presence in the course of events that took place.