Photography, Sculptures and things in between...

I work in the media of photography and sculptures, but I don't call myself exclusively a photographer or sculptor. By fusing those two expressions directly or indirectly I make art that exists in between them. You will see samples of my work below, and I will keep updating this blog whenever I have a chance, uploading images of my work as well as of others I find interesting.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


When I was searching for automata online, I came across this piece called "Fingers" designed by a Britain based artist Nik Ramage. The mechanism and movement are similar to my Peepshow #7, but it is a more stripped down version. I think this is a simple yet very whimsical piece. Very nice. Here is the piece in action. You can purchase this piece (they made 10 copies) through Cabaret Mechanical Theatre website.

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