Photography, Sculptures and things in between...

I work in the media of photography and sculptures, but I don't call myself exclusively a photographer or sculptor. By fusing those two expressions directly or indirectly I make art that exists in between them. You will see samples of my work below, and I will keep updating this blog whenever I have a chance, uploading images of my work as well as of others I find interesting.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kirigami Animal kit available!

My publisher Sterling recently released a new edition of Kirigami Animal kit based on my book Kirigami Menagerie. It is an exclusive edition only sold at Barnes and Noble book stores and their online store. Here is the link. This kit includes the book Kirigami Menagerie, pre-cut templates of all 38 animals and one almost completed giraffe. For some atrange reason the price of the kit is less than the price of the book...

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